Three Great Religious Decoration Ideas

If you have decided that you want to dedicate your life to your Christian faith and beliefs, it only makes sense that you might want to decorate some areas of your home with such ornaments and symbols. Doing this not only provides an excellent decorative piece, it is also a daily reminder of the most important tenants that you adhere to. Further, you will have a great conversation starter when people drop in to visit. Read on to get some ideas for great home decorative pieces that will exemplify your faith. 

The Butterfly

In terms of the Christian faith, the butterfly is often used as a symbol of Christ's resurrection. As you know, a caterpillar encloses itself in a cocoon, in the same way that Christ was stored in a tomb. After a certain amount of time the butterfly emerges from the cocoon anew, in the same way that Christ rose from the tomb, born again. The butterfly is so much more beautiful than it was as a caterpillar, in the same way that Christ gave the gift of his resurrection as a beautiful gift to all of his followers. So for this reason, you can include a butterfly on your walls to commemorate this belief, while also providing a beautiful fixture for any part of your home.

The Fish

The fish is a symbol that has been used in Christianity for years, even predating the cross as the preeminent Christian symbol. There are a lot of fish references throughout the Bible, making this a suitable symbol for people who believe in the faith. For instance, in the book of Matthew, Jesus talks about making his followers fishers of men. In the same book, he feeds 5,000 people with a fish and some loaves of bread. This symbolism continues in many other instances throughout the Bible, making the fish a suitable monument for your home.

The Wall Crucifix

Without question, the cross is the most widely used symbol of Christianity today. A wall crucifixion piece, like those from The Crucifix Shop, would exemplify the passionate struggle that Christ showed when He died on the cross for the world's sins. There are numerous beautiful wall crucifixion decorations that you can purchase for your home, made of many materials and with many different styles. You can even get a custom piece made that suits your sensibilities and the size of the wall section that you would like to cover inside of your home.

Kick around these ideas and shop for some religious pieces that work for you throughout your home.