Accessories For Worship: Three Items That Are Fun and Functional

Some people may question whether or not it is appropriate to accessorize your attire when you attend worship services. However, if your accessories are tasteful and efficient, there is no reason they have to be boring or plain too. Here are three items that God probably would not object to if you chose to bring them with you to church or temple.

Scripture Totes, Bags and/or Holders

All religions have their sacred texts, and most followers and congregates like to keep their copies of their scriptures safe and protected. One accessory that would certainly be acceptable, regardless of whatever religion you follow, is a scripture cover. Scripture covers come in the forms of totes, bags and holders, most of which fit right over the holy books and protect them from rain and damage from being dropped. Several other styles fit over the cover of your holy book and zip up all the way around it, enclosing it until you are ready to open the book for worship. Some of the most attractive scripture totes, bags and holders are sold by Christian book stores and/or LDS fundraising groups. You can also buy LDS bags online, where you can see the multitude of attractive and functional scripture bags.

Faith Jewelry

The Star of David, the Cross and fish symbol of Christians and even the symbolic temple of Latter Day Saints are all crafted into faith jewelry. Pieces that are simplistic and not overly gaudy or encrusted with gems are often acceptable enough to wear to worship services. Ladies can wear the pendants or bracelets, while the gentlemen may enjoy tie clips and rings (such as the Masonic temple rings for various levels of membership). All of these help you identify with your religion and show others how proud you are to be a part of your church or temple.

Faith Clothing Accessories

Men can purchase and wear silk ties in various colors and styles that announce their devotion to God and religion. The ladies can purchase and wear neck scarves, head scarves, gloves and other church-recognized and accepted accessories. All of these faith clothing items not only decorate and dress up your "Sunday best," but also give you a few extra options for how to dress for services all week and all year long. Since nobody enjoys wearing the exact same things to church and temple, faith clothing accessories help you mix things up a bit while still encouraging you to partake of your faith in a more personal way.