Turning Your Home Into A Spiritual Sanctuary - How To Celebrate Your Faith With Substance

Practicing your faith in the home is not only a personal preference but also an enduring spiritual expression. Attending weekly mass may teach you lessons and highlight some of the most important principles of the Catholic faith; however, having the ability to pray freely and regularly can make you feel complete. Having specific areas in your home which are designed for reflection and religious reflection can help you to make practicing your faith an integral part of your family's life.

3 Tips For Emotional Healing After An Abortion

If you have recently had an abortion, you might be dealing with a lot of grief, guilt and other emotions. You might feel as if you will never recover emotionally, but there are steps that you can take to help yourself heal. These are three things that you should consider doing if you are currently dealing with the emotional aftermath of having an abortion. 1. Look for Support Online Even though you might know that you are not alone in having had an abortion, it can sure feel like it.

Accessories For Worship: Three Items That Are Fun and Functional

Some people may question whether or not it is appropriate to accessorize your attire when you attend worship services. However, if your accessories are tasteful and efficient, there is no reason they have to be boring or plain too. Here are three items that God probably would not object to if you chose to bring them with you to church or temple. Scripture Totes, Bags and/or Holders All religions have their sacred texts, and most followers and congregates like to keep their copies of their scriptures safe and protected.